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PS-289 Mr.Procon Boy WA Platinum (0.30 mm)

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Mr.Procon Boy WA Platinum is a dual-action, gravity-feed, internal mix airbrush with MAC valve.

Nozzle size: 0.3mm

Cup capacity: 10ml

- precise airflow regulation with Micro Air Control (MAC) Valve for proper control of painting the thinnest lines,
- 'Soft trigger' (Semi-Easy soft button) and PTFE seals give maximum painting comfort,
- ability to paint large areas and thin lines under 0.5mm,
- maximum needle movement lock giving full and continuous control of the spray width,
- very well balanced, sits perfectly in the hand,
- thanks to the use of the highest quality components, the airbrush is reliable, easy to use and clean.
- made in Japan.

Nozzle: 0.30 mm
Upper fixed tank: 10 ml
Airflow regulation: yes
PTFE seals: yes
Air source connection: 1/8"

Included accessories:
- adapter - 1/8 "female - PS male
- 1 m cable with 2x PS connectors
- nozzle key
- compressed air cylinder connector

Packaging: plastic box with clear lid