Aqueous Hobby Color (H) - Acrylic

Aqueous Hobby Color (H) are the highest quality, water-soluble, non-toxic and safe acrylic paints.
When dried, they do not wash and provide a perfect finish. They do not clog the airbrushes. They can be used for plastic, paper, metal and ceramics.

The full palette consists of 167 colors representing aviation, armored vehicles, ships and cars (from the time of I, through World War II to the present day).

If you are looking for paint in the FS, BS, RLM standard, simply search for the number you are interested in. 

There's also a section in the menu, with paints divided by subject, to help you finding the right color.

Jar volume: 10ml

How to use: shake very well before use, apply with brush or airbrush on cleaned, degreased surface. 
Can be thinned used water or IPA, however the best results can be achieved with dedicated thinners: Mr. Hobby: Aqueous Hobby Color Thinner or Mr. Color Leveling Thinner. 
Thinning ratio: 1:1-3 (paint:thinner). 
After drying it can be sealed with clear top coat in preparation for decals and/or weathering. 

Note: If desired color does not exist in flat or satin finish, this can be achieved by adding H-040 Flat Base or H-104 Premium Flat Base. Adding 5-10% changed the finish by one step (gloss -> satin -> matte). 

Tip: to improve paint adhesiveness, achieve smooth and durable finish it is recommended to use one of the Mr. Surfacer range of primers.

Store tightly closed, away from direct sunlight.