Mr. Color (C) - Lacquer

Mr. Color is the highest quality lacquer paint in the world. It's very durable,  does not clog the airbrush and is easy to clean off tools.

The full pallet consists of 220 colors for various subjects: aircraft, AVF, cars, ships, etc.

Available in various finishes.


1. Stir very well before use.
2. Apply the paint with a brush or an airbrush on cleaned and degreased surface.
3. For thinning use Mr. Color Leveling Thinner or Mr. Color Thinner 1: 1-3 (paint: thinner ratio).
4. When dry, the entire surface can be sealed with clear varnish/top coat, in preparation for decals and weathering.

If desired color does not exist in flat or satin finish, this can be achieved by adding C-030 Flat Base, C-188 Flat Base Rough or C-189 Flat Base Smooth to the paint.
The addition of 5% -10% changes the type of coating by one degree. (gloss -> semi-gloss -> matte)
The second option is to paint the entire model with clear varnish, unify the surface and provide additional protection. (matte C-182 or GX-114, semi-gloss C-181, gloss C-046 or GX-100)

to improve paint adhesiveness, achieve smooth and durable finish it is recommended to use one of the Mr. Surfacer range of primers.

Keep tightly closed and away from direct sunlight.