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GX-1 Cool White (18 ml)

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1. Stir well before use
2. Apply the paint with a brush or airbrush to the cleaned and degreased surface.
3. For thinning use Mr.Color Leveling Thinner or Mr.Color Thinner 1: 1-3 (paint: thinner).
4. After drying, the entire surface can be sealed with a transparent varnish, which will fix the applied layer of paint and prepare the model for decal application and/or weathering.

If the desired color is not available in a matt or semi-gloss finish, just add C-030 Flat Base, C-188 Flat Base Rough or C-189 Flat Base Smooth to the paint.
The addition of 5% -10% changes the type of coating by one degree. (gloss -> semi-gloss -> matt)
Another option is to cover the entire model with clear varnish, unify the surface and provide additional protection. (matt C-182 or GX-114, semi-gloss C-181, gloss C-046 or GX-100)

To improve paint adhesion, achieve a smooth structure and best durability of the painted surface, we recommend using one of Mr.Surfacer undercoat putty.

Keep tightly closed and away from direct sunlight.