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Mr. White Surfacer 1000 Spray (170 ml)

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Mr. Surfacer is the series of the highest quality primers/fine liquid putties for plastic models. Thanks to the highest quality components used in production, the layer is very thin and durable. With correct application, it's impossible to flood even the finest details of the model, like riverts or panel lines. Mr. Surfacer greatly improves the adhesion of the model paints, shows any imperfections on the surface of the model, when polished it acts like putty: it grinds to dust, giving the possiblility for very fine corrections. The numbers in the Surfacer's name mark the grit size used (500 - 1000 -1200 - 1500), from 500 being the coarse and 1500 the finest.Application: Shake well before use and make sure the Surfacer is in the room temperature. Apply from 15-20 cm using smooth motions.