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Our website is created in the way that adjust automatically to your screen size. This provides the best browsing experience regardless of the device used. Because of this functionality, the main menu can be seen on top of the screen, or can collapse and then it can be accessed by pressing the 3 lines in the top-left corner of the screen. Functionality for both views is exactly the same.

In the main menu you will find the items divided into categories, for easier browsing. Paints are divided into 2 sections: 'By Type' and 'By Subject'. In the 'By Type' section you will find all the paints available in the shop, divided into subcategories. The 'By Subject' section contains the same paints, but divided by subject category: aircrafts, tanks, etc. This will help you find the desired color for your model easier.

Customer account is optional, but it will help you track all your orders in one place.

Thank you for visiting the website, I hope you'll enjoy it, and maybe even make a purchase :)




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